The ICSE creates value for independent professionals by sharing. We share knowledge, clients, projects, offices, IT, time and money. We not only initiate new projects and organizations, we build a cooperative movement. Are you a knowledge worker and do you operate as an independent professional? Are you open to knowledge sharing and doing projects? We invite you to register below as Flex-member. Your registration as a Flex Member is free.

Working on Digital Transformation

The ICSE develops a community where independent professionals share their knowledge and experiences with each other and with customers. For the IT sector, ICSE works as a subcontractor with Atos Nederland B.V. For providing IT consultants for projects. You can participate as an IT Consultant in the community to keep you informed of our activities. Are you an independent professional and are you working on the digital transformation? Would you like to be involved in the community? Please register below and get connected!


Join and become a Salesforce Expert!

Are you interested in developing expertise with cloud applications, digitization, IOT and artificial intelligence? Or do you think of becoming a cloud consultant or developer yourself? Think of functions such as Sales Cloud Consultant, Marketing Cloud Consultant, Service Cloud Consultant, Community Cloud Consultant, Salesforce Administrator, Salesforce CPQ Consultant, Salesforce Developer and Salesforce Architect. Create a personal growth path and develop yourself with like-minded people. We work with Trailhead, the e-learning program from Salesforce. And we work hands-on on Salesforce solutions. Via the Salesforce University you can also achieve your personal Salesforce certifications. We are happy to help each other here!

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